Why Auto Shops Love Scrap Car Removalists

Auto shops and car removalists go together like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, macaroni, and chees, or bacon and eggs. These two companies are very different from one another. One industry aims to restore vehicles, while the other is there to put old cars to rest.

Even though these companies have different goals they function together harmoniously because both businesses benefit equally when they support one another.

There are many reasons for auto repair shops to love car removalists. Here is a quick peek at some of the top reasons these types of vehicle repair centres often use vehicle disposal companies like car removalists. 

They Offer Free Vehicle Removal Services

Free Car Removals North Sydney

Vehicle repair centres often end up with old and broken-down vehicles that are beyond repair. These types of vehicles can become a nuisance if the owner doesn’t want to take responsibility for the vehicle (or the tow-in and repair costs). Old and broken-down cars can be especially challenging to deal with if there is no way your auto shop can benefit from repairing the vehicle. The very best exit strategy is to get a car removalist to come and clear the old, broken down, and unwanted car from your property. A good removalist will be happy to take the car no matter how extensive the damages might be and they will arrive with all of the required gear to haul the car out of your workshop and away from your property. 

They Accept Unregistered Vehicles

Car removalists are some of the few buyers who are willing to accept unlicensed vehicles. The only requirement is that the legal owner of the vehicle should agree with the vehicle sale. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is no longer roadworthy, doesn’t have a number plate, or isn’t registered anymore. Driving this type of vehicle is illegal but selling it to a car removalist is perfectly legal, safe, and it is a good way to get rid of a car that has become troublesome. 

They Offer Good Payout Rates

One of the best reasons to love scrap car removalists is their high payout rates. Instead of dunking an old, junky car or its parts, you can make some good cash off the old vehicle. Even complete wrecks or old and worn vehicles with considerable rusting can still fetch a pretty good price if you use the right removalist.

They Accept All Vehicle Models and Makes

Auto shops love scrap car dealers because these buyers are not fussy about brand, model, or vehicle type at all. They will take any vehicle no matter how small, bulky, old, or new it might be. Any type of vehicle that is left stranded at your repair centre can be sold so you can maintain a clean shop without any hassles. 

They Accept All Car Parts

As a vehicle repair centre, you will strip out and remove plenty of old, damaged, and worn components and parts in vehicles. This can easily contribute to a huge pile of old body parts and damaged mechanical components. 

It is not just all car parts that you can sell to a scrap car dealer. You can also sell some of the old and broken parts you strip out of vehicles while repairing them. Scrap car dealers are part of the recycling industry, and they can ensure that even these loose bits can be put to good use again. 

Sydney Scrap Car Removals Is Here To Help All Auto Shops

Sydney Scrap Removals is a great company to partner up with if you have an auto shop or enjoy doing mechanic work as a hobby. Our vehicle scrap removalists are happy to take any leftover vehicles and parts off your hands and we offer a fair price for any vehicles that you cannot revive. Give our company a call to find out more about our elite scrap car removal services

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